The Mindful Eats Nutrition Philosophy


At Mindful Eats Nutrition Counseling, we look at not just the food, but the relationship with food.   Our relationship with food can become very complex over time.  It sometimes starts in childhood with family members modeling many “food rules” or with “clean plate club” disrupting our internal ability to regulate hunger and fullness cues.  

Other times, it starts later on, when messages from peers or media make it clear that we should have a love/hate relationship with food and should do whatever it takes to hold our body to impossible standards. No matter what happened, we believe it is possible to restore your body's internal cues so that you can have freedom from dieting and food rules and finally make peace with food.

If you are interested in our services, but not sure if we are the right fit, we would love to do a free 15 minute phone conversation with you.  Please email us to schedule!  We look forward to joining you on this journey.