Houston Ballet Nutrition Presentations

Meal and Snack Planning Fall Presentation

10/13/2017 HB Presentation

Weekly Meal and Snack Planning Template

10/13/17 HB Presentation


Houston Ballet Summer Intensive 2017

Below are all of the powerpoints from this year's Houston Ballet Summer Intensive - Enjoy!


Week 1

During week one, we discussed the basic principles of nutrition.  This presentation reviews the macronutrients: carbohydrate, fat, and protein


Week 2

During week two, we learned more principles of nutrition.  This presentation reviews the micronutrients: vitamins and minerals.  We also reviewed hydration and caffeine.


Week 3

This week we discussed supplements, what they are, and how to be a savvy consumer.


Week 4

During week four we discussed food fads and trends.  


Week 5

During Week 5, we discussed pre, during, and post recovery nutrition.  We also discussed ideas for meals and snacks as well as reviewed the core concepts of the previous weeks.